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About Us

Funds donated to City Talk Magazine, a non-profit 501C3 organization which is dedicated to upholding excellence, promoting positivity throughout the Metropolitan Detroit Area and “Bringing Back Pride in Detroit.” Our magazine is the latest professional urban magazine to hit the Detroit Metropolitan communities. CTM was established in March 2007 and is locally distributed in the Detroit Metropolitan Area for Free.

CITY TALK MAGAZINE focuses on the community and the need for structure of black professionals in the Detroit Metropolitan area. The purpose of CITY TALK MAGAZINE is “Getting the word out about local black business” This encourages the community to shop at our stores and businesses. CITY TALK MAGAZINE presents health-related research, the importance of family, a word of inspiration and ways to improve the lives of people in the community. Our goal is to inspire the community to be a part and actively design projects that will promote advancement in our people. Our mission is to elevate the consciousness and energy of the community and develop new ways our community can play a part of the success of Detroit.

The magazine concept was developed Katrina Brown after working with several entrepreneurs with failing businesses. The businesses were failing due to lack of organization and no business plan to structure their products and services. The community is in need of a magazine for advertising and support. This communication using expertise and hard work will develop into a support manual for the black community.

In creating new and different ways to publish the magazine, keep active community programs such as the One more chance program and the Future Leaders Apprenticeship programs, and community seminars and expos, Detroit Love was created.